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Carrying around your equipment is one of the negative aspects of playing golf. Thus choosing a good golf bag is a must. Choosing a good golf bag depends on your likes and needs. A good golf bag should provide all your needs at the same time satisfy your desires. You won’t need a caddy to carry your suitcase unless you are a pro golf athlete. The prices and features also vary on every type of golf bag. This article provides you useful information about different golf bags so that you can decide which golf bag to use.

There are six types of golf bags for clubs mentioned in this article. The first one is the carry bag. It is the most common type of golf bag that has a diameter between 5 to 8.5 inches. It is so basic with a weight of only 3.5lbs. Choosing a good carry bag is easy since all top manufacturers produce high quality of carrying bags. Most carry bags have the double strap to distribute the weight of the bag over the shoulders. With the double strap, carry bag is comfortable to carry around. It can do the job extremely well, and it is also cheaper.

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Second is the pencil or Sunday bag. It is popular to golf players because of its lightness and slim line design. It is the thinner version of a carry bag. It has only up to 6 inches in diameter but can still hold 14 clubs easily. It is very easy to store in a locker or at the back of the car. The drawback of pencil bags is that it offers so little protection in the rain. Thus it is only perfect on the warm and dry day.

Stand bags are similar to a carry bag on size. The stand bag can stand to hold your bag off the ground. When place on the ground, its two legs will spring out to stand nicely at your side, so keeping your bag from getting dirty. It is also easier to take out clubs using this bag. When choosing a stand bag, check the stability and quality of the stand. It is slightly expensive compared to a carry bag.

Another type of golf bag is a cart bag. It is designed to be carried on a golf cart. The bag is fairly large but can fit on to an electric or push trolley. It is best for older golfers and lady golfers. It has many pockets for waterproofs, valuables, covers, balls, etc. The pockets are usually found on only one side for ease of access. It is also more rigid than a carry or stands bag.

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The fifth one is the largest type of golf bag. This is the tour bag. It can weigh up to 45lbs and can have a diameter of 10 inches. Thus, it can accommodate a large amount of space required by tour players. A significant amount of space is usually for waterproofs, gloves, refreshments, balls, etc. It is best for players with a caddy.

The sixth and the last one is the travel bag. This bag is designed for traveling. It gives excellent protection for your luggage. Travel bags can come in hard or soft cases. The hard bag is very stiff that cannot fit into the back of a car. For ease of transportation, it is best that your travel bag has the wheel.

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If you have been golfing for a while, you know how essential golf bags are. You know that it can be used for so many different things and how having the right equipment in this area can make a big difference in your overall enjoyment of the game. Some of the most popular bags on the market today are the Callaway golf bag and Ping golf bags. If you’re just starting out in this sport, you may not realize just how important having the proper type of equipment is. Today we will cover the two basic types of golf bags. There are of course many variations of these two types of but choosing the right type when you purchase your first golf bag can make a huge difference in whether or not you enjoy the game as much as you should.

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Golf bags are essential pieces of equipment. You have to have a golf bag to store your clubs and keep them organized while you travel around the course. If you travel quite a bit and want to play a few rounds while on the road, you may want to choose a golf travel bag. There are two main types of golf bags, and those are carried bags and cart bags. A carry bag will come with straps on it, it is lightweight, and it’s meant to be used by people who walk the golf course. A cart bag is one that is a bit larger and heavier and is intended to be strapped to the back of a golf cart. When you’re on the golf course, everything you have will either be in your pockets or your golf bag so having one that is properly designed and has features that meet your specific needs will make your day much more enjoyable.

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Most avid golfers will have at least two golf bags, but as a new golfer, you should begin withred golf bag for travel and carrya carry bag because the carry golf bag can be used at any golf course. They are apparently designed and best suited for use on golf courses where you walk the course. However, there are some golf courses which do not allow walking and use of a golf cart is mandatory. In this case, you would simply strap your carry bag to the back of the golf cart just like a cart bag would be used. If however, you buy a cart bag as your first golf bag you’re pretty much limited to using golf carts all the time. Sure you could strap a cart bag onto your back and lug it around the golf course but you would be drained by the end of the round, and your game would suffer.

One variation of the carry bag that is extremely popular is the stand bag. This type of carrying bag has legs that when you set the golf bag onto the ground, the legs will automatically extend and hold the top of the bag up off the ground. This allows you easy access to your golf clubs and all of the different pockets that will be designed into the bag. These are by far my favorite type of golf bags.