Basics rules for playing golf

Rules of golf are often considered too complicated and strict to divert potential golfers from the early stages of discovering the game. Even before starting the game, you want to get rid of it.

Nonetheless, core rules are not very difficult to comprehend. This article is an introduction for newcomers. They will be soon advising their friends to play this interesting game. Here are some basic rules you must get through.

Clubs in your bag

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During a competitive round, golfer is allowed to carry up to fourteen clubs. You may even carry less but check all the content before you start and get rid of the additional ones which can impose penalties on you.

Play within the parameters

The first shot of round is always intimidating even for experienced golfers. Make sure you tee up between and behind the front of appropriate markers.

It is very easy for a new player to forget the basic parameters. With experience you will get to know the technicalities.

Avoid playing the wrong ball

It is pretty obvious but until and unless you mark your ball before beginning, there is a danger that you will make mistakes. A wrong ball between the play means loss of holes in singles and a two stroke penalty in strokeplay. Mark you balls more clearly in order to avoid such mistake.

Green rulings

There are a couple of rules you need to be aware of before reaching the green. Once the ball is in state of rest, mark it with a coin and clean it but make sure it is on the right spot. Repair the pitch marks and any other damage on the green.

Play the ball as it lies

Wherever you ball comes to rest, play it as it is unless the rules allow you to do so. Most common exemptions include effect of obstructions like man made paths and drainages.

Unplayable lies

You will have three options if you ball has come to rest in a position that is unplayable.

  • Hit another ball from point of your previous shot
  • Drop ball behind unplayable lie
  • Drop ball within two clubs length either side of unplayable lie

Seek advice

Rules of golf can show how solitary this game can be. It is not allowed to ask for advice on club selection other than your teammate. Neither are you allowed to advice opponents in the competition. However you are permitted to ask for rules within the game.

Ball striking

Ball striking is not all about technique but also governed by some of golf rules. For example, you must strike the ball with head of the club if you find yourself in a difficult lie.

Score correctly

Make sure your card is completed correctly at end of the stroke play. The card must be signed by both the players as an accurate record of every hole. Make sure individual hole scores must tally in order to comply with the rules.